An artist stands in front of a colorful mural painted on a wall


In its work, the Fund seeks to address the root causes of problems, working both locally and on a broader policy level.

Photo credit: Ayana Ayo

Our efforts are guided by the following principles:

Family Legacy

We seek to honor the philanthropic traditions and values exemplified by David and Peggy Rockefeller, recognizing the responsibility that we have to be active and engaged participants in our communities, as well as in the larger world.


We respect our grantees as equal partners in the work we do. Our general approach is to identify people and institutions doing important work and then support them in ways they will find most meaningful, without imposing undue burdens on them.

Risk Taking

We will not shy away from difficult social issues; indeed, we believe that our greatest impact often results from taking on exactly those problems which more traditional funders tend to avoid.


We recognize that one of our particular strengths as a family foundation is the ability to act quickly and be responsive to the real-time needs of our grantees.


As a small foundation committed to tackling big issues, we value collaboration and work to identify grantmaking opportunities where our family’s tradition of philanthropy will help bring attention to difficult problems. We are committed to doing the greatest possible good with the resources we have.


Since we are committed both to taking risks and to achieving the greatest possible impact, we understand the importance of assessing our activities on a regular basis in the hope that our funding can make a demonstrable difference, both for the issues we care about and the non-profit organizations we support.