Justice Fellows

DRF Justice Fellows

We are committed to investing in advocates who are transforming the criminal legal system and ending mass incarceration.

Headshot of Aisha Babilonia

Aisha Babilonia

June 2022–Sept 2022

Headshot of Jamie Alleyne-Morris

Jamie Alleyne-Morris

Feb 2022–June 2022

Headshot of Sammy Santana

Sammy Santana

June 2021–Jan 2022

Headshot of Mark St. Pierre

Mark St. Pierre

Feb 2021–June 2021

Headshot of Charlene Ruiz

Charlene Ruiz

Feb 2020–June 2020

Headshot of Aisha Radellant

Aisha Radellant

Sept 2019–Jan 2020

Headshot of Kayode Oseni

Kayode Oseni

Feb 2019–June 2019

Headshot of Moses McBride

Moses McBride

Sept 2018–Dec 2018

Headshot of Tina Tinen

Tina Tinen

Feb 2018–June 2018

Headshot of Devon Simmons

Devon Simmons

Sept 2017–Feb 2018

Headshot of Steven Pacheco

Steven Pacheco

Feb 2017–June 2017